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english Community Health 2014

Course is: elearning with: 2 user subscribed [Community Health 2014]

This course aims at developing competencies in health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation of individuals, families and the community, using the available resources. The course has 16 Units as follows: Introduction to community health; Demography and Epidemiology; Primary Health Care; Organization & administration of health services; Sociology and Anthropology; Behaviour change and communication; Environmental health; Communicable diseases; Community diagnosis and assessment; Special Health Issues; Home Based Care; Management, Nutrition, Immunization; Maternal Child Health and Family Planning; and Mental Health.

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english Environmental Health 2014

Course is: elearning with: 2 user subscribed [Environmental Health 2014]

This is an 8 unit course based on the Community Health Manual Published by AMREF. It starts by giving an overview of Environmental Health and then it goes on to: Environmental Health surveys; Personal Hygiene; Effects of Housing on Health; Waste Disposal; Food Hygiene; Water and Health; Health and Vector and Health of the Community.

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english Family Planning 2014

Course is: elearning with: 2 user subscribed [Family Planning 2014]

This is a 13 unit course covering: Introduction to Population and Family Planning ; Anatomy and Physiology of both Female & Male reproductive system; Contraceptive methods including Natural Family Planning methods; Management of integrated MCH/FP; community mobilization for MCH/FP; Counselling of FP; FP Client Management; STD and HIV/AIDS in relation to FP; monitoring and Evaluation of FP services. This course teaches how to insert a coil, for example and you can be given a practical demonstration if you request.

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english Integrated HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment

Course is: elearning with: 2 user subscribed [Integrated HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment]

The objective of this course is to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of health care service providers requisite to the provision of comprehensive care to people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. The course has 13 units and covers: History And Epidemiology; Clinical And Laboratory Diagnosis; Counselling And Psychosocial Support; HIV Associated Conditions; Antiretroviral Therapy in adults and adolescents; HIV In Children; Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV; Nutrition; Prevention Of HIV; Setting Up Care And Support Programs. Home and Community Based Care of PLWHA, Palliative and Terminal care of PLWHA, Commodity Management for HIV/AIDS

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english Management and Rational Use 2014

Course is: elearning with: 1 user subscribed [Drug Management and Rational Use 2014]

The aim of this course is to provide health care workers with the necessary competencies in drug management and rational use. Course content: Policies and Drug control; Selection of Medicines; Procurement and Medicine Quality Assurance; Distribution of Medicine; Rational Drug Use; Organization and Management of Drug Supply.

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english Nutrition 2014

Course is: elearning with: 2 user subscribed [Nutrition 2014]

This aim of this course is to provide health workers with knowledge, skills and attitudes on how to promote good nutrition especially breastfeeding in the community; manage and prevent malnutrition in the community. It has 11 units. Course content: Food Nutrients; Maternal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation; The relationship between nutrition, infection and disease; Protein-Energy-Malnutrition; Breastfeeding Part I; Breastfeeding Part II; Complimentary feeding; Growth Monitoring Promotion; Nutrition counselling; Nutrition and HIV.

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english Obstetric and Gynaecology

Course is: elearning with: 2 user subscribed [Obstetric and Gynaecology 2014]

This is a 10 unit course which looks at the female Reproductive system and specifically discusses issues related to pregnancy and delivery and associated medical problems. Course content: Anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive system; Introduction to Obstetrics; Bleeding and Medical conditions in pregnancy; Normal Labour and puerperium; Abnormal pregnancy and presentation; Abnormal Labour; Operative Obstetrics and abnormal pueperium; Diseases of the female Genital track and Family Planning.

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